Status and fashion are two things that women consider it indispensable items that are a part of the fashion image. Especially, women have a strong inclination towards handbags to the extent that they believe that without good handbags, the fashion image gets ruined. The latest handbags are sure to be expensive and it may show celebs wearing it.

Women volunteer handbag as an investment and always look for classic styles. The price tag is not less, but women believe spending on quality products. This is because such handbags are not throw-away pieces; they come for a long term. Kate spade handbags are New York launched in SoHo for the first time in 1996, by the co-founder, Kate Spade. This marked the designer brands beginning.

Today, Kate spade bags are a lifestyle brand aiming at promoting our living through their handbags, jewelry, apparel, shoes, fragrance, eyewear, gifts and bedding. The label on the handbags is a strong identity of the brand and its distinctness. These handbags are made especially for primary audience that are the women who are really trend conscious in the ages 18-30 years. These are urban young women who are adventurous and predominantly Caucasian at heart. The Kate Spade collections include shoulder bags, satchels, cross body, totes, clutches, travel bags, diaper bags and also matching sets.

At the same time, the fountain pens in the top tier represent Mont blanc, though many more go along such as Dunhill, OMAS, Yard-o-Led, ST Dupont, Cartier, Visconti and Aurora pens. However, there is nothing to beat Mont blanc pens as it is unique. Montblanc is popular since the 50s and 60s. The history of Montblanc pens relates to an envying history.

Montblanc pens design represents a classic shape of the clip and barrel. There is the white Montblanc star, an engraved nib and trim rings. Holding it in your hand or even getting one for you is an amazing experience. Montblanc has also put a lot of effort into building and retaining this image for its pens to be referred as premier luxury goods.

Montblanc pens are certainly overpriced. There are many pens available in the market and they write well or better, but for a stunning writing, there is no taking back that Montblanc pens are superb. There is a unique feel and Montblanc is a flagship pen that having it in your collection is the nicest thing ever in one’s life.