With numerous brands and options, buying a telescope can be seriously confusing, especially if you are new to the world of sky watching. If you are looking for something that packs solid viewing with good features, the Celestron C11-XLT can be a good choice. This is a “Schmidt –Cassegrain” telescope that has been rated well by users and experts alike. Here’s a quick review of this amazing product with all the details you want to know.

The basics

This is a Schmidt –Cassegrain telescope, as mentioned earlier, which comes with a diameter of 280 mm. The large aperture of this telescope produces bright images, which allows the user to view almost anything in the night sky. Much like other models from Celestron, this one too comes with Starbright XLT coatings, which adds to the sharpness and contrast. The focal length of 2800 mm clearly signifies the power of this amazing telescope. The optical quality is as good as you can expect for this price, which makes Celestron C11 a great choice for both photography and observation.

Things to know

The telescope is quite advantageous for experienced and new stargazers, but yes, you will need a mount that can withstand the high load capacity. Please note that the product comes with a focal ratio of f/10, so if you are keen on seeing and watching the deep-sky objects, you might need a focal reducer additionally. The focal reducer will help in reducing the ratio to f/6.3. As for the optical quality, Celestron XLT stands tall in this department. You can choose to get additional accessories, as well, to connect the telescope to a DSLR camera.

Celestron is long known for their coatings and optics, and the XLT is one of their best models in the market. The focal length is just perfect for high resolution imaging, and the size isn’t a problem. As usual, the Starbright coatings remain one of the main highlights of the product, which ensures that the faintest products can be seen easily without any disturbance. This is also a Fastar compatible telescope, which means that you can reduce the focal length further, which can be handy for photography.

All in all, this is a good telescope that should serve the needs of experience stargazers. If you are new to the field, you might still want to go for a computerized one, but this one is like an asset that you will enjoy with growing experience.